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Mortgage Questions to Ask When Shopping Around

Does the rate you're quoting me include any points?
You'll have to run the numbers yourself to see if it's worth it, but you should know if points are involved right at the beginning of this process.

The Annoying Mortgage Phone Call Multiplier!

Are you receiving countless phone calls from loan officers and telemarketers about your mortgage? Have you ever considered how so many mortgage professionals get your information? Fortunately, the answer to that question is simple, usually we purchase the information. Unfortunately, it may be possible you are asking the wrong question. Internet marketing companies are one of the largest providers of leads for mortgage companies. While there are reputable companies that provide a good experience for consumers such as yourself, I have also come across some companies whose tactics could easily be at the root of your annoying phone calls. So let's examine how some internet marketing companies obtain and distribute mortgage leads.